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My painterly abstractions are primarily concerned with complexity and the relationship between two propositions; other and another, repetition and difference, field and focus. I construct through process, employing and reconfiguring formal elements of minimalism with drawing and improvisation. Networks, boundaries and limitations play a key role in the working process, acting as frameworks to engender creative thought and as a structuring device holding the arrangement together. As the eye scans across the surface propositions intersect and redefine, playing with and against each other to create visual slips and shifts. The works are careful to achieve a composition which is always to the fore, and when appearing to push back into a figurative void snap you back. Here oscillations occur, drawing the viewer into a moment in-between.


2014 - 2016 Turps Banana Correspondence Course
2006 – 2010 Glasgow School of Art BA (hons) Fine Art Painting
2014 ‘Come & See’ Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax
2013 Can Serrat Catalonia
2010 The Market Gallery Versus Project Glasgow
2013 Short listed for Joan Day Painting Fellowship
2012 Can Serrat Visual Art Stipend for residency in Catalonia International Art Centre
2012 Nominated for the Arts Foundation Painting Fellowship Award
2010 RSA New Contemporaries Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
2016 Correspond, Interview Room 11, Edinburgh
2016 Correspond, The Artworks Halifax
2015 South Square Gallery, Bradford
2014 Four Way Street, The Artworks, Halifax
2014 ‘Come and See’, Dean Clough, Halifax
2013 Me Vs You, The Newbridge Project, Newcastle
2013 Abriendo Vias Can Serrat, El Bruc, Barcelona
2012 Wasps studios, Glasgow
2011 RSA New Contemporaries Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
2011 Restoration unit Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow
2010 The Mutual members show, The Glue factory, Glasgow
2010 Ironbbratz members show, Ironbrats studios, Glasgow
2010 One Creative Scotland, Tollhouse Studio, Glasgow
2010 Glasgow Fleeto Shoreditch Town Hall, Glasgow
2010 Transmission members show Transmission, Glasgow
2010 Versus, Market gallery, Glasgow
2010 Rhizome Paintings Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow
2010 Betwix and Between Vic Gallery, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow
2009 Temporary art space Piece Hall, Halifax
2009 Reading room The Mitchell Library, Glasgow
Stobhill Hospital permanent collection, new restoration unit
2013 Can Serrat Blog:
2012 The List magazine issue 690
2011 BBC Your Painting
2011 The Grace and the Birch Art Nature Healing
2011 The Scotsman Art Review
2011 Artist of the week Central Station
2009 Front cover of AIM annual report